Establishment Date : July 16, 1915
Head Office : Fukuoka, Japan
Capital : 30.5 Billion Yen
Main Business

  • Motion Control (AC Servomotors, Controllers and AC Drives)
  • Robotics
  • System Engineering

          Yaskawa Electric has always provided support to the leading business across the ages by transforming as “a MOTOR manufacturer”, “an AUTOMATION company” to “a MECHATRONICS company” based on its management philosophy of contributing to the development of society and the welfare of humankind through the performance of its business since the establishment in 1915.

          We propose the new solution concept “i³-Mechatronics” to realize continuous improvements in customers’ productivity by integrating mechatronics products with utilization of digital data. We strengthen our core businesses of servo motor, controller, AC drives and industrial robots using these core technologies to the full, and evolve mechatronics by the use of digital data. We achieve revolutionary industrial automation and are committed to contributing to solve customers’ business challenges.

Core Product


  • insdustrial Robots
  • Semiconductor Wafer transfer robots
  • Collaborative robots

Motion Control

  • AC Servo motors and controllers
  • Linear servo motors
  • AC Drives

System Engineering

  • Electrical systems for steel plants
  • Electrical instrumentation system water supply plants
  • PV inverters


  • EV Drives system
  • Logistics
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